# What is SocketXP

SocketXP is a cloud-based IoT platform for managing and remotely accessing IoT devices, Raspberry Pi or any embedded Linux devices at scale. With SocketXP, you can easily connect to, configure, debug, upgrade, track, monitor, and manage hundreds of thousands of IoT and IIoT devices, all of which may be located behind a NAT router and firewall on your customer's local network.

SocketXP solution can be used to securely remote access or SSH into Linux machines, SQL DB or Postgres SQL database in your private network or private cloud.

SocketXP creates secure SSL/TLS tunnels to connect to your remote IoT devices.

SocketXP also creates a unique public web URL for each of the private web applications running in your remote IoT devices. Online services could communicate with your private web application using the public web URL.

SocketXP IoT Controller connects to a lightweight SocketXP agent (opens new window), that needs to be installed in your IoT device, to manage, control and monitor the IoT device remotely.

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