# SocketXP Enterprise IoT Device Management Platform

SocketXP Enterprise IoT Device Management is a highly secure and highly scalable cloud native application that can be used to manage 1 Million+ IoT devices. It is available as a licensed software for on-prem or private cloud deployments.

The platform easily supports several hundreds of thousands of devices. It is a cluster based solution that has a master node and many worker nodes. The master node supports HA functionality and non-stop connectivity to IoT devices.


This software stack is completely different from the one offered via our IoT SaaS service in our portal. It supports enterprise grade security features such as mTLS tunnels, short-lived authtokens, TLS certificate revocation, CA certificate rotation and many more for typical enterprise grade security usescases.

# Highlighted Features:

It has the following additional functionalities:

  • Scales upto 1Million+ devices.
  • Uses mTLS based SSL client certificates to authenticate the devices with the SocketXP Cloud Gateway. This is to tighten security for enterprise use cases.
  • Supports custom or 3rd party SSO + MFA authentications such as OKTA.
  • User auth tokens generated are short-lived and for single use, meaning it can be used to generate a single mTLS client certificate.
  • User TLS certificates can be revoked or TLS CA certificate can be rotated when a security compromise is detected.
  • Worker nodes supports headless forwarding and in maintaining connectivity to the remote IoT devices when the master node goes down for any reasons including for maintenance.
  • A worker node load can be re-distributed to other available worker nodes before taking it down for maintenance.
  • Additional worker nodes can be added to the cluster on the fly, without bringing down the existing nodes, if the IoT device fleet size grows as your business grows.

# SocketXP Enterprise IoT Device Management Platform Architecture:

SocketXP Enterprise IoT Platform has 2 main components:

  1. An IoT gateway
  2. An IoT device agent

The IoT gateway is a cluster with a master node (actually two instances of master nodes for HA) and several worker nodes.

SocketXP Enterprise IoT Device Management Platform

# Master Node

A master node has the following services running in it:

# Load Balancer

It interfaces with the IoT devices and distributes the reverse proxy connections from the IoT devices to one of the least-used worker nodes

# API Gateway

It provides the backend logic for the portal frontend.

# Portal Front End

It provides the GUI for user interaction with the gateway for device management


The Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) with the Certificate Authority(CA) manages TLS certificates (creates, distributes, revokes, and rotates TLS certificates) issued to IoT devices.

# Worker Node

A worker node has the following services running in it:

# TLS proxy

It proxies the mTLS connections originating from the end users to the IoT devices. SSH sessions are established over these mTLS tunnels.

# HTTP proxy

It proxies HTTP connections originating from the end users to the web app running in the IoT devices.

# For sales enquiries and demo request:

If you are interested in the SocketXP Enterprise IoT Device Management Platform, and wanted to know more about it, please write to us at: [email protected]